Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

In this excerpt, MII GLOBAL  is represented by the initials ‚we‘ and ‚us‘. We will explain how we gather, utilize, and disseminate data.

This part shows our engagement with consumer (you) data we record through:

  • Official website from which users are visiting this section.
  • HTML- centric email messages that we send to people who use our services.
  • Offline engagements users have with MII GLOBAL.

We refer to this platform, emails, and offline activities as services.

Personal Data

Personal Data is information that recognizes you as a person or info you share about others.

Information we collect from users include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Contact
  • IP Address

We refer to this platform, emails, and offline activities as ’services.‘

Collection of Personal Information

We record information through the following ways:

  • Our services
  • Phone
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • External newsletters

Third-party platforms when they share your information with MII GLOBAL.

We use your personal information for genuine business use only, such as:

  •  Providing services in response to clients‘ requests.
  •  Providing services, such as accessing registered accounts and support services.
  •  Responding to user inquiries when contacting MII GLOBAL through online forms. It may include comments, questions, or requests for information about our services.
  •  Sending administrative messages such as policy updates and terms and conditions to users.
  •  Allowing users to send messages to other people through our services.

We carry out these activities to sustain a contractual relationship with its users, such as:

  •  Providing users with marketing content and encouraging social sharing.
  •  Send users emails with details about our new products, services, and other information.
  •  To start the social sharing feature users want to use.

We conduct out these activities that you have a sincere interest in, or with your consent.

We share personal information:

  •  Use this information to understand our users. And to prepare reports that improve our services.
  •  Use data to understand user preference and interests. We customize our engagements with users and provide information according to user interests.
  •  Allowing users to take part in promotions, contests, and sweepstakes.

Protecting and Aggregating Personal Data

MII GLOBAL uses and shares data for various purposes. We do not define or represent you or any other person, but to fulfil our business goals:

  •  For instance, data analysis—to enhance the efficiency of our services.
  •  For audits, internal process functions verification and respond to contractual or regulatory needs.
  •  For monitoring security and fraud-to identify and protect against counter-attacks or ID theft.
  •  Creating new products and services— for improving, changing, or enhancing products and services.
  •  For instance, for analyzing user trends and assessing which services users like the most.
  •  Calculating the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns to adapt to the interest and needs of our customers and clients.

Declaration of Personal Information

We share personal information:

To our associates and partners for the purposes stipulated in this Policy. To third-party service providers, to expedite services they provide. It includes payment processors, data specialists, IT, order fulfilment, email delivery, among others. Brokers, agents, and market areas where sharing or inquiry about the property has been made.

Third-party business partners. We may share your data with third-party partners for business only. This is to allow them to send information on products and services that you may find interesting. Please review ‚Choices and Access‘ on the same. While using our services, you may disclose your information on blogs, chats, and other places that may need your information. Remember, any personal details you share on these platforms become public. This means other people may have access to your personal information.

Related Uses and Declaration

MII GLOBAL also utilizes and shares personal data as required, especially when we have a genuine interest or obligation to do so:

  •  To adhere to the UAE laws and regulations. This may be law in other countries other than in your home country.
  •  To follow government and public departments.
  •  To disclose any data that is crucial. This may be authorities in other countries other than your home country.
  •  Comply with law enforcement. For instance, when our company responds to requests from the police or share data (it is of paramount use).
  •  Protect property, privacy, safety, and rights of our partners, associates, and customers.
  •  We may share information on business transactions and sales.
  •  Our reason for sharing or transferring personal information to third parties is legit. We may share information in case of a joint venture, sale, merger, transfer, or a part or all our business sections.

Other Details

This includes data that does not disclose your identity. This data may include:

  • App usage data.
  • Device and browser information.
  • Data recorded via pixel tags, cookies, and other avenues.
  • Geographical data or any other data you provided but did not disclose ID details.
  • Modified information that has not to reveal your details.

Collection of Third-Party Information

MII GLOBAL may record ‚other‘ information in the following ways:

  •  Through user device or browser: some information recorded through device or browser. We may collect data from operating systems, MAC, device model, language and manufacturer. This is to ensure quality services.
  •  Through Cookies: these are tiny bits of information stored in the user’s PC. They collect data like time spent on the website, browser type, language preferences, and pages visited.
  •  We use this info to improve navigation and security. Also, to show information crisply and customize the user experience.
  •  We also collect statistical data to improve and enhance the design and operation. We learn how they are utilized, and strive to resolve questions revolving around them.
  •  We use cookies to design customer-targeted offers and adverts. We may also use them to measure the performance of the marketing campaigns.
  •  If you do not want us to record your data, you can. Most browsers will allow you to disable cookies.
  •  Note, if you deny cookies on your device, you may not experience smooth services. You may not get offers and adverts from MII GLOBAL that may suit your needs and preferences.

The Use of Pixel

Pixel tags are also referred to as clear GIFs and web beacons. We use them for monitoring our services‘ actions, ads, and collecting data on the usage of our services and feedback from users.

Analytics: We use, like Google Analytics, to record and analyze data on our services and create reports. It may also collect third party data, from other apps, resources.

Physical Location: We may record your device location through Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, and satellites. This information allows us to provide users with customized location-based content and services.

We may disclose your location to third-party partners to allow them to provide products and services to you. And measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Sometimes you may be granted or denied the choice to accept the use of these services.

Use and Declaration of Other information

MII GLOBAL may choose to declare information for any reason except where there is no need. If the law requires us to treat ‚other information‘ as ‚personal‘, we will treat it that way. At times, we may use ‚personal data‘ and ‚other information‘ together. In this case, we will treat all information as one.


We use administrative, technical, organizational, and other measures to protect the data. Yet, we cannot guarantee 100% safety of data. So, if, for whatever reason, you believe that your data is not safe with us, inform us through email or phone.

Accessing, Modifying and Deleting Personal Data

You may want to correct, review, restrict, suppress or delete your information. Or want us to send you an electronic copy of your data, please contact us.

Retention Period

MII GLOBAL will keep personal data for as long as it is required, for the sake of the purpose it was meant to serve.

Third-Party Services

MII GLOBAL is not responsible or represents third-party services. Any third party links directed to our platforms are not a sign of endorsement by whatever means.

Access of Services by Minors

We do not transact with minors under the age of eighteen (18), and as such, we do not collect data for minors.

Sensitive Data

Do not send us confidential information unless we request it. Do disclose info such as SSN, religion, biometrics, health on or via the services or to MII GLOBAL.

Privacy Policy Updates

Any modifications will become active once we publish the edited Privacy Policy. Using our services after that would mean you accept our new privacy policy.

Refund Policy According to Dubai Properties Law

If you are unable to complete the payment of your off-plan property, then the developer has the following rights:

  •  If 80% of the construction is complete, the developer may keep all the money received from the buyer and sell the unit in Public Auction to recover the payments or the developer may deduct more than 40% of purchase price and cancel the contract.
  •  If 60% of the construction is complete, the developer may deduct 40% of purchase price and cancel the contract.
  •  If circumstances arise outside of the developer’s control that prevent the completion of construction, the developer is entitled to deduct 30% of the purchase price and cancel the contract.

Contact Us

MII GLOBAL handles personal data collection, use, and declaration under this Policy. If you have concerns or questions about this Policy, please contact us.